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LARS - Lightning Assessment of Risk for a Structure -

Author: Michele Spinosa


LARS - 3.0.2

Version: 3.0.2 - Require Java SE ≥ 7

Copyright © 2007-2014 Michele Spinosa under GPL License

License: GPL version 2

LARS is a simple tool for the lightning assessment of risk for a structure, according to standard IEC 62305-2, second edition.

It is possible to divide the structure into zones, insert an arbitrary number of external lines and internal systems.

The project data and the results of calculation can be shown or saved into files.

The source code is written in Java allowing for the use on different operative systems.

All files utilized to store project data are simple text files, this is to facilitate sharing data amongst designers.

If someone is interested in translating LARS in another language different from english or italian, please contact me at Michele Spinosa.